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Republic Day Skit

सत्यमेव जयते Happy Republic Day To All By Shaunak Chakraborty जय हिंद
Republic Day Skit is as follows :-

Raju The Poor Indian

A Skit Written By Shaunak Chakraborty

Scene 1

An orphan and poor child Raju who is just five is sitting at the corner of a road and selling tricolour flags, he lost his parents when he was three years old.

Raju:-  One flag five rupees, one flag five rupees, sir please buy it, ma'am please buy it.

Tejas:-  What nonsense you are doing here boy.

Raju:- I am selling our national flag, please buy it.

Tejas:- Oh! what a stupid you are, I get bored by this, every year same thing Republic Day Independence Day, Republic Day Independence Day.

Raju:-  Please don't say this we should respect our national festival.

Tejas:- You fool, look at your status.

Tejas now got angry he hold Raju's collars, pick him up and shove him. He started forcing him to tear those flags.

Tejas:-  If you don't tear these flags then I will beat you a lot.

Raju:- Ok, I would like to die instead of tearing these flags, when my father was alive he always used to say that 'If you disrespect your national flag that means you are disrespecting yourself.'

Tejas:-  Don't give lecture to tear these flags.

Raju:-  I am sorry I can't do that.

Tejas started beating him very badly, one of a famous businessman of this city Mr. Tiwari is continuously watching all this. Now he come to help Raju.

Mr. Tiwari:- Stop it, I said stop it leave him, you boy.

Mr. Tiwari tightly slapped Tejas, then he is stopped beating.

Tejas:- Why you slapped me?

Mr. Tiwari:- Because you are creating a nuisance at public place as well as beating a innocent boy, shame on you.

Then Tejas ran away from that place.

Mr. Tiwari:- What is your name little boy ?

Raju:- My name is Raju.

Mr. Tiwari:-  What a sweet name. Where are your parents ? Why are you working at such a young age ?

Raju:-  I am an orphan boy, I lost my parents when I was three years old so I earn my living by selling these flags and other small articles.

Mr. Tiwari:-  Very sad, life without parents is very difficult & challenging I can't imagine it.

Raju:- I want to study but I don't have money. I also want to go to school like other children.

Mr. Tiwari:-  I will help you to go to school and get good education.

Raju:- Really! Thank you, thank you so much.

Mr. Tiwari:- I am glad that I am investing my money on a boy like you.

Mr. Tiwari took him to his home, he admitted him in a near by English Medium School in 1st standard and treated as like his own child.

Scene 2

Twelve years has been passed Raju passed out from school, cleared NDA and posted to Baramula sector of Jammu and Kashmir. After six months he visited Mr. Tiwari's home.

Raju:- Hello uncle how are you ?

Mr. Tiwari:-  I am fine we are meeting after so many months I am very happy to see you in uniform. I had done absolutely correct by admitting you in school.

Raju:- Yes uncle thank you for that.

Mr. Tiwari:- Come in, my wife Reena is also here.

Reena:- Hello Raju how are you ? we are meeting after so many months.

Raju:-  I am fine what's about you ?

Reena:- I and your uncle is alright, how was your experience in Jammu and Kashmir ?

Raju:- Very good.

Scene 3

After staying there for three days Raju returned to Baramulla sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

Brigadier SK Singh:- Raju I am sending a team to LOC, you will be the leader of that team.

Raju:- Yes sir, it's my pleasure.

Raju visited the LOC site and started ordering the militants.

Raju:-  Hawaldar Mohan Kumar.

Mohan Kumar:- Yes sir.

Raju:-  You will be at the right corner.

Mohan Kumar:- Yes sir. I will do my best.

Raju:- Hawaldar Sukhbir Singh.

Sukhbir Singh:-  Yes sir.

Raju:- You will be at the left corner.

Sukhbir Singh:-  As you order sir.

Raju:- You are one of my trusted ones don't disappoint me.

Sukhbir Singh:-  Yes sir.

Raju:- Rest of you, hide yourself at the selected places.

A group of militants:-  Yes sir, as your order.

Raju is now doing his duty with true reverence and honesty. Abruptly a group of terrorists attack on them, Raju is a leader so he is holding the national flag.

Raju:- Come boys attack...attack...fast.

Firing started from both sides, one by one the Indian militants started dying.

( At last only Raju was left he is doing his best to finish these terrorists).

Raju:-  I will not leave you alive, I will fight till my last breath.

(It is looking like rain of bullets).

Raju finished off many of them but one is still left. At last that terrorist attacked Raju with a knife.

(Raju fell down and after fifteen minutes his pulse stopped but the national tricolour flag is still in his hand, holding tightly).

The news spread in all directions, that Karnal Raju is no more he got martyr. When Mr. Tiwari heard this news he can't stop himself, tears rolled down from his eyes. The militants saluted his body and handover to Mr. Tiwari.

Mr. Tiwari:- (Crying) He was an orphan child, I treated him as my own child. I am happy that he got martyr for our nation. He had no parents in this situation our motherland is his mother as well as his father.

If you see a news of a martyr in news channel then please pray for his soul and show sympathy for his family instead of changing the channel and got bored because they are dying to remain us alive.
At least by this his soul got peace that someone is there who cares the martyr. 

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